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Solve 0x800705b4 Error With Ease - Method 2

Let's have a quick look at how to repair your windows update 0x800705b4 Error. If you're having problems a lot of people seem to get problems right now with the Windows Defender updates or the other updates you're getting error messages.
How to resolve it
It's very very simple to solve 0x800705b4 Error, the first thing is we need to go to C Drive Windows and then we need to find software distribution and then download this is all the previous updates that have been downloaded. Don't worry this is only copies of the downloaded product now sometimes it doesn't incomplete one over here or there's something corrupted Windows updates has issues. So we need to delete that okay. Let's do it the easy way, so let's turn on services. We'll just temporarily disable and turn off Windows Update so that we can delete them because sometimes Windows Update might have a hold on them.
So that'll take a minute, okay and at the same time, we'll say you need to download the latest are flying definitions for your product. If you having problems with Windows Defender how do we go there it's on the Microsoft website, very simply all you need to do is type in Windows Defender offline update. The very first one Microsoft.com, so it's the original thing you're not getting it from any of the other sites and then all you need to do is just scroll all the way down and then download your Windows Defender.
Download that if you're using Windows Defender now can you having Windows Defender issues. We'll just continue with the Windows Defender idea once it's downloaded you have this little file this is basically the current windows definitions for the viruses anti-virus scanner so what it needs to do is just install and then reset the definitions on Windows Defender.
Whilst that's happening let's get on to Windows Update, let's turn that to disable Windows doesn't quite like it will try and fight that okay so let's just Windows Update. So once that's disabled make sure it's not other running status you can then just delete all of them and then you need to give admin permissions brilliant.
Now that is cleaned up the windows update folder okay so that's a reset on that now you want to basically bring him back to normal you can have it as automatic or manual depending on the system. Let's have it as automatic, let's start the service ok and sorry on that one for Windows Defender, we had to run it as administrator and then after that update was run.
Basically, we have Windows Defender ok now we should not have any problems when we check for updates and install updates. It should all be a problem if in future you do get them Windows Defender issue all you need to do is once again go back to the Microsoft site. Download your definitions file and then install it. Everything should be ok worst case scenario you also go down to your update folder which is in see windows okay we'll just show it again see windows okay software distribution download and then make sure you delete all of them and if you need to you use services to disable and stop and then restart it and then put it back to automatic. Your 0x800705b4 Error will be solved by now!
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